We are a family firm

that has been transporting goods between Spain, France and Germany for forty years.

We are specialists in the transport of fresh foods and international warehousing.


In the 1990s we recognised the potential of the fruit and vegetable sector in the Iberian peninsula, and decided to expand our operations into Spain.

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Based on the success and growth of the sector in recent years, in 2002 we established a permanent business in Spain.


Our main business is the refrigerated transport and warehousing of goods, logistics services and special transport services for high value goods.


ART’s offices are located in Figueres, a Catalan town near the border between Spain and France and close to a major logistics hub.

The existence of a business park and the favourable conditions available to family firms in the area helped us to set up our business.

We have developed synergies between our refrigerated transport and warehousing operations for the export of Spanish goods to northern Europe.

The logistics area in the Empordà Internacional Industrial Park in Vilamalla, where our Southern Hub is based, is one of our three key loading locations.


Our employees have always been key to our business, which is why we invest in training and experience to develop the organisation’s human capital.

WE DO NOT SUBCONTRACT drivers or trucks. We provide a top-class service by insisting on our own values and work ethics.

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The work of the people in every department in our organisation, Sales, Warehousing, Drivers and Administration is perfectly synchronised thanks to our on-line management software that allows us to coordinate all our operations.


As we operate throughout Europe we are obliged to comply with all current legal requirements and procedures for transporting goods between France, Germany and Spain.

Strict control of our warehousing and transport operations ensures that our deliveries are always on time.

We work daily with transport operators and major retailers, we understand their needs, their business structure, their order requirements, quality standards and working conditions.

Our know-how means unforeseen events are minimised and we can handle them with the utmost efficiency providing stability for the customer’s operating capacity.