Who is our most demanding customer? We are.

We make sure the unexpected doesn’t happen, by monitoring every kilometre, every minute of the day.
When it is vital that nothing goes wrong, we are on hand with the highest quality standards.



Our customers are categorised under 5 sectors according to the service, volume or type of product.

#1 Manufacturers

  • Regular quantities, with or without refrigeration.
  • Regular transport services + Support warehousing
  • Reducing storage requirements in plant warehouses.
  • Destinations between southern Germany and Spain.

#2 Supermarket networks

  • Procurement centres of major European supermarket chains.
  • Warehousing to prevent stock shortages.
  • Deliveries to supplies warehouses.

#3 Fruit and vegetable wholesalers

  • Transport of fresh produce throughout Europe
  • Via various goods transport hubs.
  • Storage of perishable goods to ensure the cold chain is unbroken.

#4 Transport operators

  • Transport for logistics intermediaries.
  • Cross-docking service in our industrial units with loading bays.
  • Road haulage contracting for large loads.

#5 High value goods

  • The special fittings on our trucks ensure goods are securely transported.
  • We only stop in our logistics bases with sealed parking.
  • Security personnel and all necessary security systems.


We focus primarily on customers operating in France, Germany and Spain.

Our strategic advantage is that we can operate in all three countries, with years of experience there and in compliance with all their legal requirements.

The members of the ART team understand the culture and speak the languages of the countries where we work, so we can operate internationally.

Contact our administration department and a Key Account Manager will attend to you in person to give you details of our services.