ART Transport’s international operations are organised around
three logistics hubs in Spain, France and on the German border.


Goods are carried by our own fleet of super-modern tractor units and refrigerated trailers.

Operating volume



For the last 40 years our drivers and trucks have covered the same route every day, providing a 24-hour service, 365 days a year, thanks to a relay system.


This has made us highly-knowledgeable experts, able to monitor every aspect to ensure that the goods arrive on time

We provide our customers with a highly professional transport service that is punctual, discreet and trustworthy.
The goods are transported in our own vehicles running north to south and south to north.

We do not use alternative routes.
We do not travel away from our established route

We meet the needs of manufacturers, supermarkets, logistics operators, wholesalers, etc.


We operate a very young fleet: all our vehicles are less than 3 years old and we are constantly renewing the fleet.


Performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness at the service of your business. Our trusted transport partners are Scania, Mercedes and Volvo.

We use a Europe-wide support service (CRM) with a Repairs and Maintenance Contract provided directly by the manufacturer of each vehicle with a commitment to carry out any necessary work in the shortest time possible.


Our fleet and transport flows are operated using smart management practices, we aim to achieve real results and our trucks are always connected, ensuring constantly improving productivity.

We are leaders in cutting fuel consumption, reducing CO2 emissions, and respect for the environment. All the vehicles in our fleet comply with the EU’s Euro6 standard.


Software Punt a punt

As distributors and retailers no longer carry stocks, the current supply chain method of loading goods directly from one truck to another demands extreme levels of punctuality, above all for fresh produce.

We have developed our own tracking software and forecasting system to ensure the transfer of goods between vehicles is coordinated as efficiently as possible, with a system that monitors vehicle positions and traffic flows.


We have systems that monitor loads at all times from our industrial units in France, Spain and on the German border, with an on-line GPS system that allows us to track loads in real time.


Most of our operations are dedicated to the transport and warehousing of fresh produce, in particular fruit (temp. between 3 and 6 degrees), chocolate (18-20 degrees) and frozen food (down to -20 degrees).

Controlled temperature

Our logistics operations are based on controlled temperatures and all our refrigerated units have temperature readers. Temperature controls can be performed at every stage of the process.


Our refrigerated trailers are superior to curtain-sided trailers in that, apart from being temperature controlled, they allow us to insure the goods we transport and to drive on French motorways 7 days a week.

Thanks to the secure locking and alarm systems on our trailers, we also transport high value goods that require special protection.

We streamline the transport of goods